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I was born in a small village in northern Bangladesh called Baghopara, which means “Village of Tigers” in Bengali. In reality, it’s a village of people who used to live below the poverty line. Somehow, I managed to survive.

I started photography when I was a graduate student. I used to sell used mobile phones back then. One day I got my own second-hand mobile phone with a 5MP camera, and started taking photos of flowers, butterflies and insects. I really liked it.

One day, I shared some of my photos in a photography group on Facebook. People appreciated them and told me to capture and share more photos. I was really encouraged and started to take more and more photos.

With the help of tutorials online, over time I learnt rules and tricks, but I still wanted to enhance the quality of my photography. So I made an external macro lens for my phone.

Others were impressed with the external lens I had made and asked me to make lenses for them. It was cheap and I sold many.

In the meantime I won several mobile phone photography competitions with small prize money and I bought my first DSLR camera with that. It was a Nikon D5200. I was so excited as I knew the full potential of owning my own camera would help me.

After graduating, I needed a job but it wasn’t easy to get one. I realised the reality of the world I was living in. So, I decided to stay with photography and make it my profession. Now I am a full-time photographer.


In these years of my photography life I had many ups and downs. Lost camera equipments twice in accident. I have learned through my mistakes and got stronger over time. Till now my photos have been published in over 300 international newspapers and magazines and won over 100 national and international awards in photography.

To me, photographs are time capsules but if you can’t make it feel like running in real time then it’s simply an inert thing. Every time I capture a photo, I try to make it look alive. If a photo contains something sad then it should also affect and make a viewer feel sad and if a photo contains a joyful moment then the joy of the viewer should be everlasting, even if you see that photo a thousand times, it shouldn’t end.

Photography changed my life totally. I would have been a typical office going guy, but photography made me see more, to see deeply into the lives of people. It also made me love nature. The best part of being a photographer is having the ability, the power to show others how exactly you see the world around.

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